Elephant Butte Balloon Regatta August 22nd and 23rd 2015 Our 35th year
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Welcome Pilots

Elephant Butte Balloon Regatta also known as EBBR is one of the most unique flying experiences that a hot air balloon pilot and guests can experience.  The breathtaking flights over one of New Mexico's most majestic lakes with your water chase crew behind you is unbelievable. This is the 35th invitational year and this year we expect a great time.  The number of pilots is limited and because of the invitational status of the regatta, new pilots are requested to submit their applications with the recommendation of two other pilots. Please click on the link below and download the Pilot's pdf application.  If you are a skipper click here for the Skipper Page and you will be directed to the skippers' application. Pilot Application Flying Waiver
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