Welcome to 38th Annual Elephant Butte Balloon Regatta
August 25th & 26th

2018 Event things to know

Ride Info:

We are  selling tether rides. The ride takes about 10 minutes and you do not actually get out over the lake. The ride costs: $20 per Adult (ages 13+) and $15 per child (ages 5-12). Under the age of 4 cannot ride (due to safety concerns). Book rides by clicking below. *this is a weather permitting event**

What does the event cost? Where can I camp?

So the event is free to see! However the Elephant Butte State park does charge per vehicle. 

Our launch site is scheduled to be on Lions Beach inside the main gate. We will arrive onto the beach around 7 am or shortly after. You can camp anywhere along the coast line you can find room.

Click the link below to view costs. 

What to do while the balloons take off?

Please do not park your 2 wheel drive vehicle on soft sand! 2018 THE BEACH IS VERY UNPREDICTABLE WITH HOW SOFT THE SAND IS, PLEASE STAY ON HARD PACKED SAND!! You will get stuck and be responsible to find a way to become un-stuck. We ask that you do not park your vehicle near a balloon trailer, or truck as we are trying to set up safely and take up quite a bit of room for each balloon. Listen to anyone with a crew shirt or pilot shirt on as to we again are just looking out for everyone's safety. Please take as many pictures as you want and post them to our Facebook page. Our flights will be done around 9 am at the latest on both days. We will not be having any afternoon or evening events as to the weather does not allow us to. 

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Event Applications

2018 Pilot & Skipper Application

Pilots & Skippers please download and mail or email them back by July 1st, 2018

Event Sponsors

Welcome Sponsors! If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor for 2018 please fill out our application and send it via email or mail before June 1st, 2018. 

Help fund our regatta

With your donation we can bring in more pilots making the event even more special. Your donation is greatly appreciated. 

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38th Annual Elephant Butte Balloon Regatta